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July 8, 2012
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It wasn't supposed to have eyes.

But it clearly did; the dragoness and the feathered creature returned each others' gaze, and neither blinked.

Those pale yellow, light-emitting orbs penetrated the dragon's entire being, and struck terror into her, even at her massive size.

Because she had seen what these things could do.

It was obvious that they were of Jolgon origin, but they were humanoid, had eyes, and only two arms. Like seven-foot tall, wingless white birds, bearing plague that drove the infected to madness.

Its black armor shimmered in the light of the white sun as it continued to stare the dragoness down.

"Najira!" somebody whispered urgently.

The blue dragoness didn't bother looking over; she recognized the voice as the voice of one of her servants.

"Get over here and keep your eyes open," Najira ordered. "I need to blink."

A smaller, red dragon- he was only about 30 feet tall, next to Najira's 60 or so, but that wasn't so important at the moment -came out onto the balcony, and stared out at the thing on the streets below.

"Don't blink yet," Najira instructed, as she herself blinked. "Alright, now you can."

"I can't believe they're actually here again..." the servant moaned.

"Well, we've at least got this one to stay still until the Nephilim are deployed."

"Are we really using Nephilim for this?"

"We can't risk those things getting inside more people. Who knows how many they've forced themselves into already..."

After a few more minutes of coordinated staring and blinking, the Jolgon thing took a step forward.

Najira inhaled sharply and that, and backed up a single step. "We're watching it though... it's not supposed to move when we're watching it!"

"It's no use," the servant said. "We have to run."

"It'll just move even faster if we're not looking."

"So we just sit here until it decides to jump up?"

Suddenly, there was a faint hissing from behind the two dragons. The red one turned around and gasped. "Najira..."


"There's another one... It's in your room..."

"Stay calm, Sariel. Just don't blink," Najira instructed. Although, staying calm was difficult for her by now. Fear gripped her like an icy hand. "Alright. I'm going to back up now, so that the one outside can't follow us too far. You keep a direct line of sight with that thing."


They began to move back, onto the carpet of Najira's bedroom. The dragoness began to hyperventilate as she backed away from the balcony; she knew that the Jolgon was waiting right out of view on the other side of the stone wall.

Sariel gripped her wrist, leading her a bit to the side, so as to go around the white feathered thing in the room. It didn't even turn to look at them; hopefully, this one couldn't move if someone was looking. The red carpet below its X-shaped feet had blackened in the time it had been standing there.

An odd turret on its shoulder had been following Najira for a while, and now that it had a clear shot at her face, it fired. A miniscule canister erupted from the barrel and affixed itself to Najira's nose via several needles. Immediately after, it let loose an invisible gas, causing her to form tears, and keeping her eyes open became painful and difficult.

She clutched at her face, and threw the canister down. "Sariel, don't blink..."

"I can barely keep my eyes open," he responded dismally.

"Barely is good enough! Don't shut them for a second!"

Another slight whooshing sound, and a canister had planted itself on Sariel's nose as well. "I'm sorry..."

He didn't even have to blink for the Jolgon thing to move. Once his vision blurred, he was open. Sariel let out a cry of pain as the thing leaped onto him, causing his scales to steam.

Najira rubbed her eyes until she was just barely able to see again, and in the nick of time, caught sight of the other Jolgon standing at her feet.

Sariel gagged as the thing forced its way down his throat; Najira moved behind him without taking her eyes off the, and balled one of her hands into a fist, brought it to his chest, and put her other hand over it. She jerked in and up, being careful not to hurt his wings, trying to force the Jolgon back up out of his esophagus, but in the end, the lump in Sariel's throat disappeared as the thing slid down into his stomach.

He continued to gag, and forced Najira off of him, and crumpled to the floor.

She screamed her protest, but Sariel told her to run, and leave him behind. It was already too late for him.

Najira backed up, and felt around for the doorknob, turning it and stepping out. Tears formed in her eyes again; sadness this time, but she wasted no time standing around to grieve the loss of her servant and friend. He wanted her to live, and she wouldn't get very far fulfilling that wish if she remained just a few seconds longer.
On her way out, just before she shut the door, she caught a glimpse of Sariel- or what used to be him -lifting his head and staring at her through pupilless, glazed eyes; steam rising from his smiling mouth.

She hurried down the dimly-lit stone hallway; her eyes not staying in one place for long as she headed for the staircase. She had to get out quickly.

At the bottom of the staircase stood two other dragons in armor.

"Guards, follow me," Najira ordered as she walked past them. However, she received no response.

She turned, giving them a glare through her red-rimmed glasses, but her angry displeasure was replaced by fear as they looked up, revealing pupilless eyes. Najira backed up, but the guards lunged forth.

She raked at one with her claws, but he ducked it and moved around behind her, putting an arm around her and pinning her arms to her sides, and using his other hand to tug her mane of white hair.

The other guard grinned, extending a steaming hand to burn Najira's face off as she was brought to her knees.

And then he died. A golden blur passed by, carving several deep slashes through his armor, as well as his flesh and bone, and he collapsed sideways.

A Nephilim had arrived. The mechanical warrior stood at about 25 feet in height, had no real facial features, and was entirely plated in a metal that gleamed like gold. Where hands would have been, there were vibrating, spinning chakrams.

The surviving infected guard let go of Najira, pushing her to the floor, and stared at the Nephilim.

The machine lunged, but the dragon simply placed his hand on its head, keeping it away as it slashed wildly. The metal began to corrode at his touch. And then the Nephilim held its chakram-hand still, and it launched forward attached to its cord, slicing through the armor and going into the dragon's ribcage; still vibrating and spinning with sufficient vigor to slash up his insides beyond repair, hopefully taking out his feathered parasite in the process.

Najira got to her feet as quickly as she could, straightening her spectacles and running for the next staircase. She didn't stop by anyone as she passed; she just wanted to get out. She was safer out in the open than she was in here, where she could be cornered.

Upon reaching the ground floor, she stopped as a familiar figure passed in front of her, just beyond the doors leading outside.

Sariel turned to her, still smiling and giving off steam.

And another Jolgon sat on his shoulder, staring at Najira and waiting with all the patience in the worlds for her to blink.
New story; had this idea ever since I left for camp, but never got around to writing it, until now.

And a story with a main focus on dragons is long overdue, wouldn't you say?

Most of the dragons of the generations during Najira's time are bipedal, winged, and fairly huge.
Speaking of Najira, this is my first character directly from the Zzahn family.

This will take place on a world known as Jalech; primarily inhabited by dragons, but there are some humans and Xeeok, and as you can see, there's a variation of Jolgon in the process of invading.

While I've still got Boundaries and Perdition to get off the ground, and Incendiary Childand Aberration to finish, I'll try to fit this one in, too.

Harmonious and all of its contents © me
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COOL story!!! 
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9TailedJackal Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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SCP 173 eh? Yeah... That thing can getcha... Even though its not that tough. I mean all you have to do is hit with a sledge hammer.
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But an assault rifle didn't even seem to chip it... It'd probably take more hits from a sledgehammer than could be done before blinking was needed.
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No, Euclid means its easy to contain. Its dangerous but it doesn't really try to escape. Where as the fork is a Keter, because they don't understand it and it is unbelievably powerful. Also the big red button is Keter too because it is constantly trying to get people to push it and destroy the entirety of the universe.
9TailedJackal Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Ah, I see. Thanks.
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